Our target market includes: retailers, food stores, convenience stores, cafes, bakeries, fresh food markets, grocery stores.

Our Advantages

Increase traffic to your stores and increase your sales

Consumers will be attracted to the stores proposing promotions on our App and will come to collect their offer. Physically at your store, consumers will have a bigger opportunity to buy additional products.

Improve your Brand image

Being part of this program will bring you additional value. Your consumers will see that you are fully involved in the global waste reduction effort and that you are proactive in the field. They will associate your brand with positive values, especially since waste has become a matter of global concern.

Be part of a global communication about efforts made in SA to reduce waste

We actively participate to any discussion concerning food waste, on traditional Media and on Social Media. All our partners will be mentioned in our press release, events and institutional communication.

Our Tools

Fresh food stock management

Many consumers are not aware that stores around them offer reduced prices on fresh food. We send this information to our whole community. Shops will be able to sell more products before they reach the expiry date, hence optimizing your stock every day. A real time connection between the shop stock and Just Now will allow a very precise stock management therefore a better purchase process.

Mobile payments (coming soon)

Consumers will be able to claim an offer and pay directly on our App. They will just need to collect it at your POS. Fast and easy, this will increase traffic to your stores, increase satisfaction and loyalty.

GPRS mapping around the customer

Our consumers will see which stores propose fresh food offers around them. If you are part of our concept, your shops will be shown and have a better chance to attract consumers eager to save money.

Data analysis on sales and consumers behavior

Just Now offers to all merchandisers sales statistics and consumer behaviors of users, ensuring a thorough understanding of how, when and what consumers buy. This will help merchandisers to improve their sales and marketing strategies.

Favorites places and favorites products saved for consumers

Our App includes a “Favorite” feature, saving the best locations and the frequent products selected by consumers. Multiply your chance to become one of them by being part of our concept!

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