• How do I order a product?

    Click here to view a full tutorial on how to order a product.

  • What happens after I’ve claimed an offer?

    You have to go to the shop, collect the product(s) from the shelves, go to the till and show your barcode(s) to the cashier to claim your discounts. Note that depending on the number of customers who have claimed the same product(s), we will not be held responsible if the product(s) was/were not available at the time the offer was claimed.

    In a later version of the App, you will be able to pay online directly in order to secure the product/s that you claimed.

  • How do I claim several products?

    Each product is assigned a barcode, so you will have to show the cashier the barcodes for all the products you have claimed on the App.

  • How do I claim several of the same products?

    Claim the product/s from the app, on collection of the product/s you may choose to take as many products as there are available. You will just need to show the same barcode the exact number of times as the number of items you collected from the shelf. E.g. if you take 3 milk tarts, you will have to show the barcode 3 times.

  • What does “number of days” displayed on the offer mean?

    The days indicated on the offer correspond to the duration of the offer. After the number of days have passed, the offer will disappear from the promotions.

  • Can I secure a product/s for a certain period before collecting?

    Everyone can claim an offer shown on the App. The availability of the product depends on the availability of stock at the shop at the time of collection of the product. The sooner the products are collected the greater the probability that the offer will still be available on collection.

    In a later version of the App, a timer will be set up after which your order will be deleted if not claimed at the shop.

  • Must I register to view/claim the offers?

    In order to view offers all that’s needed is for you to download the app. All JustNow food app. users are able to view/claim offers.

  • What do you do with my personal data?

    The data is used for ordering purposes, emailing campaigns and newsletters from JustNow exclusively. We do not sell your personal data to third parties without your written consent.

  • How do we pay?

    Payment is made directly at the shop on collection of the claimed offers. Online payments will be possible in the future.